She changed her outlook

Dinner for 3 among strangers is always a tricky affair. Would they share well and try each others plate? Would anyone get greedy and over-stuff themselves? Will someone be schocked at the sight of another one eating something else? One thing I do know is that after that dinner party she had a strange look on her face, like someone who was schocked. I was concerned about her, but she said she was fine. I knew, however, that I had lost a friend at that moment. She didn’t say anything, but I think I have some pretty good intuition and instincts.

So I did not make contact for a couple of weeks until she texted back. We met at this nice French bistro on the Lower East side, where I tried Absynthe for the first time. I liked it a lot and it tastes like Sambuca, only smoother. It will be my mellowing out drink from now on. I certainly felt quite mellow and relaxed, and luckily she agreed to to see me in my gym outfit, all nice and sweaty. She only had a couple of hours before heading back so I came out of the gym, took the subway, and met her at the place. I felt a very strong sense of familiarity and totally comfortable with her. She is disappointed with this age group of men (and men in general, she said), so I did not expect much. As I said, in my mind, I had lost a friend already after that dinner party

She said that experience made her change her outlook, and she also said: ‘Dave, from now on I will do what you do: look out for number one. You changed my outlook and I thank you.’ I sort felt ashamed, as I would rather be seen as a role model for other things, such as my stock trading savvy, etc. Did some really good trades today by the way, in the commodity ETF sector.

I was being very open and honest with her when I told her that: ‘Hey if you are disappointed, we should not do this. You don’t have to apologize or explain anything, it is what it is, it’s what you feel, and that’s that’.
She complementd me that I have an amazing butt and great arms. I guess not bad for an ‘old’ man . She did not end the friendship, actually, quite the opposite. She insisted on paying for the drinks! Go figuh. I can’t even remember how many months ago someone paid anything for me. On that ocassion it was a key lime pie. Real yummy! Given that she had to run to catch the train back to Jersey City, she stood up, gave me the sweetest kiss on the cheeck and walked out. Our Romanian bartender, Elen, smiled and said she thought the whole thing was very romantic. My friend mentioned ‘There is nothing romantic here’, to which I laughed. By the way, I have met at least 3 Romanian women by the name of Elen. It must be a very popular name over there.

I walked out of the place and decided to walk home, to complete my cardio routine. A day later I texted her and said ‘I will be taking some time off for a while. It has nothing to do with you, but sorry’. I felt like I should move on anyway. No particular reason I can put my finger on, but just a general feeling I had for the past few days. New year, new friends, time to turn the page I suppose.

Was a bit bummed out by the turn of events, but it is just two friends moving in different directions. Happens all the time. If I were to sit across a table from her again, I would give her the following unsolicited advice: ‘Forget about men, move in with your ex husband, have him help you pay for school, and go back to school and do great. You know you are dying to go back!’

Went to BLT Prime near Gramercy for dinner tonight with the missus. We had some pretty good steaks, it was a nice time. Will do more of that…

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3 Responses to She changed her outlook

  1. Lorelei says:

    Hehe, you are right, Elen(a) is a pretty popular name over here in Romania. :)

  2. Amomentsnotice says:

    For someone who has never engaged in “sugar,” I’ve learned quite a bit about life by following your blog. I just thought you should know how much I enjoy reading your posts :)

  3. Thanks for you kind comments Amomentsnotice :)

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