Older vs Younger woman again

‘Hey Dave, remember, whenever you have sex with a granny always wear a condom, you don’t want to catch osteoporosis.

Has she ever given you a gum job, I heard those are really good’

Thus spoke my old cop pal from the Bronx when I was there visiting. He is into younger women (oh, the sinner! lol). As I said in another blog, I have never mentioned my sugar activities. He only remembers me from my days when I used to go after older women.

Talking about gum jobs, I forget: did I ever get one? I know I turned one down once. I think I let someone else give me a gum job though, just for curiosity sake. The things we do when we are younger…I never was into gums, however.

I do remember asking an older woman friend (I think she was 50) if she was available on a particular day, but she said ‘My daughter is visiting me from college so I am not home alone. Let’s do next week’. So hanging out with older women can be hard sometimes too. Thankfully, I was older than her daughter’s age! That can be a bit creepy. Or like another time someone told me ‘I am your mother’s age’. I was lucky I didn’t totally freek out. I said nothing and just smiled.

But goes to show where my heart is nowdays. Tomorrow I am meeting a 21 year old beauty…

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