I have plans tomorrow

I will be meeting my very old friend from the Lower East Side for dinner and mojitos (for her, I am sticking to beer, if that, was sick as a dog in the past 2 days). Haven’t seen her in ages and she is threatening with a divorce! I have missed her bubbly personality and her companionship as well so it should be fun. What should I do when I first see her? give her a hug? I am not a public display of affection kinda guy, quite the opposite.  Perhaps I shall shake her hand and hand her a business card? Nahh, that’s too much.  I would like to rekindle our friendship though because I know she feels left out.  I asked her what is her favorite restaurant in the world so we can go there and she responded with:

‘My fave restaurant is when i’m with u lol but u never want to be with me’.  I felt like crap and told her and she said

‘Good, you should feel bad’

‘I apologize for not meeting up sooner. I do feel bad i’ll do anything  ok? Want me to kiss ur toes? i’ll do that too’

‘Nooo not my toes. i just really miss ur company and i don’t like sharing u’

‘OK. We will have some drinks, get a massage, do some shopping, just like old times’

‘Ok, if you say so’

Her short messages gave me the vibes she was annoyed, but let’s pay it by ear. It will be great to see her again and have a few drinks and a few laughs. Like I have indicated earlier, I do like to go back and visit old friends, sugar or non-sugar. It’s good for the soul, to see how everyone has grown and developed.  Whether we bump boots or not it doesn’t matter.

Turn it on, Turn it up, Turn me loose

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