How to be a good sugar baby

Here are a few of my thoughts about how to be  good sugar baby.  The list is by no means exhaustive but its a good start for now. Will be likely updated, soon.

1. Be discreet:

Don’t ask the man more information than he is prepared to give.  Most have marriages, lucrative careers, so they are taking a lot of risk doing the sugar daddy lifestyle. So don’t ask them to give you their full last name, employer and his wife’s name at the first meeting.  SD David had that happen to him a couple of times.  Didn’t end so well.. Rememeber if you are patient and trustworthy, and can prove it, you will get all this information in return, in due time

2. Be a good and understanding companion:

SDs are there to enjoy your company drama free and perhaps even find something that is missing from other aspects of their lives So be fun, and forget your hangups, for the few hours a week you are together.  Treat it as a little vacation.  We SDs are seeing it as such.

3. Fulfill his needs, both mental and physical:

The SD has chosen to spend his time and resources on you for several reasons.  He is most likely looking for an escape from other realms of his life. Perhaps he doesn’t feel appreciated at home as much as he feels he should.  Perhaps he is stressed out at work, and needs a little escape before he goes home.  Maybe he doesn’t feel as romantic with his wife as he used to, and he is looking for some extra excitement. So he wants a beautiful lady (of any age) to accompany him to dinners, events etc.  Therefore, always keep your SD attracted to you.  Make sure you are always fun to be around. Sure, you may have had a bad day at work, school, your boyfriend etc etc, but try and make the time you spend with your SD worthwhile and put everyone’s worries in the back burner during your date.

On to the subject of sex: if he is looking for an intimate relationship with you try and picture your self with him, without any clothes. If you can’t see yourself in that type of situation with him, let him know sooner rather than later, so he can make up his mind if he wants to see as just a friend. Either way he will appreciate your honesty. Personally, I like to be told honestly if there is no sexual chemistry on the woman’s side. This way I am not wasting any ones time.  As we are grown men, we can take honesty in stride.  In the bedroom you should be able and willing to please him.  Of course he should put in the effort to please you as well.  But in the beginning make sure you let him know, you are there to make him a happy man. Even if at first it may make you uncomfortable.  If you take that initiative and show you are willing to bend your boundaries a bit, I am sure he will reciprocate the attention. I know I would. Keep me happy, I will keep you happy. Act all squeemish and uninterested, you will kill the mood, and I will take the next train outta here!  A bit of adventure and spice in bed never hurt anyone, trust me.  Of course he shouldn’t ask you to do anything that degrades you as a woman, but don’t be a prude either.

4. Don’t get too comfortable:

Look good for him (I love a hint of Issey,, be a good conversationalist, and be good company in general. Impress him with how low maintenance and down to earth you are, and he will keep coming back. He will not be able to resisit your charms in and out of bed.  He will appreciate your inner beauty over time, but at first be good company. This will make the relationship last longer.  And remember: it is a relationship. NSA, sure, but a relationship nonetheless

And 5. One of the most important things:  DON’T KISS AND TELL. Discretion is a must, gossip girl!

More to do tips for the sugar lifestyle in my book

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20 Responses to How to be a good sugar baby

  1. stressed mum says:

    My family members every time say that I am wasting my time here at web, however I know I am getting know-how all the time by reading thes pleasant content.

  2. leah says:

    interesting stuff, alot of it is common sense when dealing with men. good stuff.

  3. @leah: thanks! and you are right, its all common sense stuff. But you will be surprised how many people care focus on the fancy stuff and forget the most simple, and the most important rules. Especially the ‘be discreet and don’t kiss and tell part’

  4. Anne says:

    Interesting. i am 19 and trying out for the first time sugar daddy websites … wish me luck!

  5. Baby shay says:

    good luck and Annie, not that you need it like they said most of its common sense and just being graceful, respectful, honest trustworthy reliable and know how to be a lady and you’ve got it in the bag.

  6. Sweet suger baby says:

    Great advice indeed..i’m new at ds suger daddy dating thing…nd i jus got my suger daddy a few weeks bk nd in two weeks tym we gng to hv our 1st date….hmmmm…lil nervouse nd excited at da same tym…im 20 years old bydaway…

  7. Sugaryde says:

    im just discovering this sugar daddy business… I always told myelf *and others* I would never do such a thing, but being a college student- its nice to know that someone is willing to spend time with me as well as help out with the college funding. Goodness knows that guys my age are a bit about the same with the sex sometimes, so why not just add good company and a little financial help onto the list?

  8. FeliciaMarie says:

    I been having a SD for 8 years now the bottom line is….just be smart and have fun that’s all trust me you’ll get all what you want. Good luck to those who are searching.

  9. Aleena says:

    I was a sugar baby a few hears ago for just a couple of months with a Nice gentlemen. I am starting back up again, I went on one date with a potential SD. He is interested in me, I found myself comfortable around him, not so much physically attracted though. We already agreed on a generous monthly allowance. I want to get to know him a bit before becoming intimate, but at the same time I also want the money!

    • lol I bet you want the $. What would you say if he did exactly the same to you? i.e. ‘Hi dear, I want a “test drive” first, before we enter a formal arrangement’. Doesn’t sound too interesting does it? Just food for thought

  10. Kelis Bouwer says:

    I recently started seeing a potential SD and he takes care of me financially… More over he really cares about me, my feelings. Am I too quick to say am falling in love with him?

  11. Mimi says:

    Question. I am new to the sb world.
    I have been chatting on the phone with SD. we already agreed the financial arrangement. I am going to meet him first time tomorrow. Should I have sex with him on the first date ? I guess that is what suger d expects .

  12. Leyla says:

    I’m so new to all this and I just kinda need a lot of help…

  13. Sugar baby F says:

    Im new to this SD but i definitely want to try it out. How do i start like where do i find them? Which websites are the most reliable to find the good ones?

  14. Carson sweet says:

    Sugar daddy 😍😍😍

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