Sugar dating meets speed dating

I admit the idea of speed dating fits in very well with mutually beneficial relationships.  Think about it: mutually beneficial relationships cut to the chase, and, sugar daddies and sugar babies either like each other and proceed with an arrangement or they don’t and just move on. There is no bull. Add the speed dating twist, and you are taking this to the maximum possible relationship efficiency.  Use speed dating to determine compatibility as far as the arrangement goes.  Then you can figure out the rest.  Sounds like a plan, and it sounds like an idea whose time has come or will come to a theater near you, shortly

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3 Responses to Sugar dating meets speed dating

  1. Specialty snow says:

    I LOVE this idea

  2. This would be such a great way to find a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby. It’s initially what first meetings are anyway and an actual sugar filled speed dating event would be amazing.

  3. Yup, great idea. Just trying to think more about the logistics of how this would work out the best

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