Is the sugar lifestyle addictive?

In a nutshell, yes.  I had a couple of friends this week talk to me about that.  So in my humble opinion it is addictive and can become all consuming.

Depends of course on the individual and how they go about it.  My old friend Sam, whom I love, has travelled the world high and wide in her quest for the perfect sugar daddy.  Her adventures would make a grown man cry, and even scared the hell out of me.   Her travel schedule was that of a management consultant: ‘If it is Tuesday, it must be Brussels’. That sort of thing.  In my case, the many years of this could have paid a persons college tuition for a couple of years.   I have heard of others who left their wives because of sugar.  Some sugar babies have quit their jobs to become full time sugar babies, as if this is a career path you can put on a resume. 

It is one thing to do it in order to gather experience and have some good stories to tell your grand kids, and get a few laughs. Yet another to think about it every day of the week and get all consumed by it.  In our search for the perfect sugar relationship (the ‘European’ style mistress, as I like to call it) we get to try many many bad ones first, and the chase becomes a lifestyle in itself.  And that is were the danger of addiction lies.

Sugar can be a slippery slope. You know you have reached that level when you log into a dating website every day and stay logged in for a few hours, EVERY DAY. 

Like that great business leader Al Neuharth said: ‘Eat only when you are hungry, drink only when you are thirsty, and screw only when you are horny’. When I was a college freshman reading his book ‘Confessions of an SOB’ I wanted to be like him, by the way. I guess he meant, everything should be taken in moderation including sugar. 

I suppose the conclusion could be: Don’t substitute Splenda for sugar and abuse it. Instead, use real sugar in moderate amounts and you will be fine.

The compulsion aspect of this lifestyle is what motivated me, in part, to write my book ‘Sugar Daddy Diary’.

I became addicted to the women, the hunt, the subterfuge and attention to detail involved in doing this and not get caught once, and the drive to perfect my M.O. Also it was an addiction to the adrenaline involved.  An addiction to the lifestyle. An addiction  to the putting the flirtatious game face on and to also try and get into their mind and understand as deeply as possible, the ladies I was with at the time.  Why were they there, what drives them as persons, what makes them click sexually or otherwise.

You know what? I would do the whole thing all over again, lol.  However, one must be very careful and be able to snap out of it if it gets out of hand. Otherwise it may leave you broke, or your dreams of marrying very very rich unfullfilled. Be careful out there.

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2 Responses to Is the sugar lifestyle addictive?

  1. Richard says:

    Cyber whoring 5.0. I knew a 23 year old who had daddy issues and just couldn’t find work and thought this kind of work empowered her. She was repeating her own abuse as a child and becoming a victim all over again. Yet she’s an adult now and all of filthy life decisions because of a lack of a home life and support got her std’s, pregnant (she aborted), mental illness and overall a damaged life. She can’t have healthy relationships and these sugar daddies using their control, are making her worse. Without a moral compass humans are lost…..

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