Are you uncomfortable in public?

I was thinking to myself.  I knew she was very comfortable in bed,  just letting both of ourselves go. In public, however, she appeared self consious. To the point where I was trying to make conversation to take her mind off the whole thing.  It was a bit strange, as I am not really that ugly, bald, fat, or with gold front teeth. My momma always told me I was ‘special’, lol. 

Perhaps it was the different age group, or different race (Nubian princess) that pretty much solidified the fact that we were, to say the least, an unconventional couple.  I made the comment that I can pretend I am a professor from school, even though I don’t look like one. In order to look like one, I would have to wear glasses, a blazer of some sort, hush puppy shoes, and cordroys.  Isn’t that how professors dress nowdays? God this just reminded me that in college my roomate was doing this 35 year old English profesor lady. I was so jealous. And stuck with the 20 year olds. Oh well. 

Maybe I should have brought some textooks along on the date to complete the setup.  Maybe Statistics 101 or something of the sort.  I remember dating 40 year olds when I was in my twenties and even holding hands with them sometimes (yuck!) but in general I felt a bit uncomfortable with them too.  Therefore, I totally understand if someone felt uncomfortable with me.  At least we are in New York where all kinds of stuff happens. Imagine trying to pull this off in Monkey’s Eybrow, Alabama.  Not that I have anything against Alabama.  Go ‘Bama! rawhide.

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3 Responses to Are you uncomfortable in public?

  1. CaramelBaby says:

    Well …. i’m an Alabama SB and it does get a bit uncomfy down here. My routine is to always carry my portfolio with me and tell people he’s my financial planner if asked. I’m actually gainfully employed as a business consultant, so I’m always dressed business or business casual.

    Can’t imagine what she was thinking though or why she was uncomfortable. Was she dressed … provocatively? Would people have thought her to be.. what we call a “go-getter” sitting next to you?

  2. Hey Caramel. No she didn’t seem like a ‘go-getter’ as you would call it. And she was dressed pretty conservatively. I guess different people feel uncomfortable by different things. Any discomfort she had, thankfully, withered away as the evening went on..
    And I love the idea of carrying the portfolio with you. Nice! I would love to take a peek in there

  3. Jessica says:

    Help!! I’ve been with my SD for a yr now and we’ve only gone out on 3 dates.
    It went to the next level and we would just cook dinner & have movie nights at home. Lately he’s been wanting to go out more but and I’m afraid to run into anyone I know. I’m 24 & he is a good looking 43 yr old But Hes obviously not realated to me so that excuse won’t work… do I get over it and risk my family finding out? Or juice this as long as I can?

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