A mutually beneficial arrangement

I like how she views this, and the way she analyzes everything (science major, in college). I think it shows a lot of maturity that you really don’t expect from a 21 year old. And she is not a spoiled brat either, like many women of her age group. I guess it all boils down to how one has grown up and the experiences they have had while being raised.  Those who have had to fend for themselves at an early age will obviously have a more healthy attitude towards life.  Those who grew up being constantly told they are princesses and that they deserve two of the best of everything just because they show up, would generally not have an attitude that I would like.

I  don’t want people to thank me. I don’t expect anything from them other than good companionship.  But I do get attracted to people who appreciate things, even in this NSA type of lifestyle.  I think it shows character, and those types of folks will go far in life over time and will collect good karma.

The way she thinks is that she wants to get something out of this, not only material benefits but some life experiences as well, in the way a small town person aged 21 may not otherwise experience.  I find that very endearing, it seems that she analyzed everything and concluded there was a piece missing in the puzzle, and then she went for it with abandon.  I wonder if she sees this as an experiment in social behavior or perhaps something else.

In this lifestyle of ours most relationships are ‘play it by ear’. They are by definition transitory like two ships crossing in the night. There are some people who draw ‘contracts’ etc. Ridiculous, as they are totally unenforceable. On many occasions my patience is non existent when dealing with sugar.  In my real life I have the patience of  a mule, by the way.   So I obviously view these relationships as temporary, at best.  Just being honest.  I can count on my fingers the women I wanted to spend more than 2 months with.  Is it weird that they are all from Texas? There was one in New York, who features prominently in my book ‘Sugar Daddy Diary’ on Amazon.com. Shameless book marketing, by the way, but I like it.  I really like the e-book format by the way, i.e. Kindle and Nook.

Anyway, she mentioned she doesn’t want to be played by ear.  I never had anyone tell me that, so she stumped me for 2 seconds.  So we will set a series of expiration dates and barriers, just like we do in derivatives trading for the bank. See where this goes.

She also said she wants to explore aspects of her personality.  So I told her that to really explore, she would need to abandon her analytical side, and sometimes just wing it and roll with the punches.  Let’s see how comfortable she is doing that.  I don’t plan to test her, but will let her explore and figure out what works for her. I am just there to facilitate and observe. Maybe to tempt sometimes too….

What do I get out if it,  i.e what is the mutually beneficial part of this whole deal for me besides some great extramarital sex?  Just watching someone experience things and challenge themselves, and me, in the processes.  I also like the companionship of women and hanging out with them in great restaurants and wine bars, but that goes without saying…

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  1. You know which state is right above Texas? 😉

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