The 20 y.o. college SB, pre-sex

I have already mentioned the physical contrasts between me and College. It really didn’t bother me at the time.  I just think of it now and marvel to myself. Did people glance over and do a double take when they saw us walk in? She was a Nubian princess.  One thing I did notice on more than one occassion is that black families or couples would turn and look at us sometimes.  I wonder what they were thinking. Probably something like ‘Hey look at the white guy, how did he get that black babe?’  Maybe it was my cute butt. I don’t know, actually. Probably it was my bubbly personality and professional advice I gave her.  Not to mention the college ‘stipend’ she was getting.  On one of the dates she mentioned she is starting to hate dating. I was a bit suprised to hear a 20 year old say that, because starting at that age she would be prime dating material.  I think she liked hanging out with me because I made no emotional demands of her, and there was no drama.  She could tell me whatever she wanted and I would never judge her. Nor would I tell her mommy, her boss, her ex boyfriends, or her home girls. Her most recent boyfriend, by contrast, was a nag and didn’t give her any breathing room.

And she goes: ‘Also, I told you I had a profile on a dating site. I took that down’.  ‘Why, did you meet someone?’  I said, just to see her reaction.  She gave me this WTF type of look and she said ‘Yes, I met you!’.  I kinda giggled and felt flattered.   She had already told me that she didn’t like sharing her man. So now that she took her profile down I felt the pressure and my armpits started sweating (eeew).  I just hoped she didn’t go psycho on me, that was sort of a red flag.  I knew she was starting to consider me like a ‘real life’ boyfriend, but I kept seeing her anyway because I trusted her and thought she was the cutest thing I had seen in a long time.  In the meantime I noticed I was behaving like a perfect, doting gentleman, even more than usual, and she would look at me with these big brown eyes. 

We knew we both could develop feelings for each other, but we decided to take it easy and cautiously at first. And even though this was one of my earliest sugar adventures I was always very self aware and in control of my emotions.

And we hadn’t even slept together yet, although we had discussed that it would likely happen pretty soon.  She said she only had serious relationships in the past and had been with only 3 men before.  Would she be nervous on our first time in together? Probably. Would I be nervous? Maybe yes. I wouldn’t want to do anything that was out of line, or anything too freaky in bed that she may think I was some type of pervert.  On the other hand she was going to find out sooner or later, so why wait, lol.  I decided, given the fact that she was pettite, I was going to be very gentle. I couldn’t let her lead the way because she wasn’t too experienced.  But then I reconsidered.  Maybe I would let her lead the way after all, out of curiosity, to see what she did, how she did it, what she liked, and what she thought a man would like.  I once had a woman blow into my ear. That wasn’t cool at all, almost made me deaf, and I hated it!! I don’t think that College SB would do that though.  College had a great body, she had shown me a picture of her on the beach in Jamaica so I knew she was hot.  Just thinking about us being together made the twins hurt and turn blue.  The good Lord blessed me with a very strong sexual interest, drive and willingness to experiment since an early age, so my body is very responsive to things and very energetic, as long as the mood is right.  I just couldn’t wait to sleep with her and was literally counting the days until our next date.  I felt frustrated when she cancel once, but forgave her. Would our first session be a sex marathon? Or would it be a one time quicky thing?  Would she feel awkward putting on her clothes afterward while getting ready to leave?  Some folks do get this awkward look about them…

All these things were going though my mind then and I am surprised I even remember them now.  Good memory I guess, at least when it comes to certain people.  I am trying to recollect more details from the first time we indeed slept together and will post that soon, without of course being too pornographic, given this is a family blog. Actually it isn’t so never mind.  There is no way she knows about this blog. I started this years after we broke it off anyway, so it’s safe. I just need to vent.  I feel poetic today

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2 Responses to The 20 y.o. college SB, pre-sex

  1. kimmy says:

    most likely it was your cute butt 😉

  2. SugarMac says:

    With my college girl SB there was never presex –we made an agreement by email and never looked back . Many months down the road now I often wonder how she would so cavalierly hop in bed with a total stranger –as I did . Even that 1st date she made me feel special and it continues to this date . I am sure she never escorted but I guess she didn’t view sex as a special thing to save and cherish. Whatever it is I will not look a gift horse in the mouth .

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