Get off stage you good damn goof ya know

As harsh as it may seem I was just getting sick of her grief.  Sex was great, don’t get me wrong.  At the age of 40 she had a hot bod that most women 10 years younger would kill for. Perfect proportions and we got along just fine in bed, as if we were destined to be lovers.  There was no effort and everything seemed to flow so naturally.  At some point she told me ‘David even if I re-marry I want to remain lovers’. I smiled at that but was a bit surprised that she would say that.  Flattering none the less.  One day though she had too many tequilas.  And afterwards we were on the subway and she was starting to talk really loud about our relationship and getting cozy in public with me, beyond a simple kiss or a hug.  Consider this: late at night, her next to me, breath smelled of alcohol, she was wasted, talking loud and we were standing next to some weird characters.  I was thinking to  myself: ‘Did she really have to come on the train with me? I should have taken a taxi’.   I am generally very patient and totally non judgemental.  But all of this coming from a 40 year old woman that clearly should have known better? This had been building up and now was the last straw.

And the next day she was texting me and I was smack in the middle of my work day.  She was complaining, as usual, about money, and the people she met on one of the sugar sites, and going on and on via text about all kinds of random TMI type of things.  In person she always talked and could never shut up. Even her own kids, she said, kept reminding her she talked too much and too loud. So I just texted her ‘STOP. I can not do this any longer’. I was just fed up. 

It was time to turn the page.  You can feel it when some relationships are over.  It just feels natural to move on.  We have spent many great months together, nearly a year, hot times, learned a lot about each other, now it is time naturally fizzle and let go.

And in the words of the great Garry Lee: ‘Well, it’s 40 below and I don’t give a damn I have a heater in my truck and I am off to rodeo’…

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