Decisions, decisions

I was thinking about this a while back:  SDs, and I am sure SB’s as well, are faced with some very interesting choices sometimes. We meet many different people, often at the same exact time. This forces us to make choices, as we all have limited time to spend away from our families (us married SD’s, that is).

Some examples:

1. The single 35 year old mother from Houston, with the bubbly personality, the attractive little aging lines by the side of her mouth and the warm touch of her hand.  Wild in bed, mind you. Lots of common things to do and discuss, with both of us having young families

I love single mothers incidentally

2. Or do we pick the 25 year old that has as edgy and intriguing personality you feel you want to learn more about, but in bed it is just ok, fun but not great. Yet a lot of potential in many ways. But then again, with a complex set of personality traits, who is yet still discovering things and has not reached the full experience level. Incidentally someone like that would have been great a year down the road, with fully grown set of experiences

3. Or do we pick the 30 year old black woman with the lustfull body, great in bed, that I still sometimes dream about, but one of the world’s most loud and annoying personalities?  Do we bypass the personality, because she was a party animal? I did for a while there until she drove me nuts!@&#~*

4. Or the college SB with her total youth and relative inexperience, but yet the desire to learn, see life and experiment with new things?

5. Or the bubbly party animal, who is like ‘Been there, done that since I was 20, and now that I am 26 I know you as much as you know your sugar self Dave’

See all the choices that the Good Lord puts us up against?  God is in the details of course. It also depends on my mood as well. Did I feel like I want to bend boundaries and explore a bit around the edges? Choice #2. Or did I feel like going with the tried and true formula? The single mom or choice #5.  Or maybe like doing something I had not done too much, and that would be College SB.

And in my case personally, I was even given a choice of two different but totally great women to marry, at the same time. Talking about choices.  At least I have had a very interesting dating life.  I googled the person I didn’t end up marrying by the way. She has a physical therapy practise up north.  She is almost 40 by now and I really wonder if she is married and to whom. I was sooo tempted to send her a post card saying ‘Greetings from New York City, I named my son A—– by the way just like we were discussing nearly 20 years ago’. Hmm not the best of ideas, so let’s skip it bud.

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4 Responses to Decisions, decisions

  1. Specialty sugar baby says:

    OMG Dave!! Just make sure they all know and your fine

  2. Sweetie says:

    Personally, at least where I’m from, the SD’s are the ones with many options while us SB’s are just hoping someone actually picks us.

  3. Jade says:

    Sometimes being too rational kills it. My instinct was always right for myself (despite advice from others), and I made some apparent crazy choices which turned out to be the best ones in time.

  4. Jade you are very wise. Sometimes you really just need to go with your emotions and gut feelings, and not overthink everything.

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