Age difference between Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies

Recently I was in Brooklyn with this beautiful Asian lady in her early twenties.  While we were waiting for our BBQ order to arrive there were 2 white women checking us out, observing the age difference I am sure.  And after we picked up our order and started walking away a group of 3 Asian women in their mid to late twenties were also checking us out and commenting to themselves. I saw them doing this when they thought I wasn’t looking.  My peripheral vision is not that bad, actually.  I really was not bothered by this at all.

I have also been in romantic settings, obviously with younger women, some people noticed, most did not.  On one occassion, there was this one bartender than carded the person I was with and then turned to me and said ‘I know you are upset I didn’t ask to see your id’. I laughed out loud.

In my twenties I used to see women in their 30’s or even 40’s.  Once I was seeing a 57 year old (I was 32).  In those cases we would get prolonged stares.  I remember once going into a restaurant near Harvard Square where I spent some summers with friends. What to do: of course pickup an older woman. She was 45, I was barely 24, we proceeded to our table and 3 other couples from nearby tables stopped their conversation and followed us with ther stare as we sat down.  I felt so embarased.

So now, almost 20 years later, I wonder if any of these ladies feel embarased to be seen with a man in his forties.

I would like to take a survey one of these days

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7 Responses to Age difference between Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies

  1. nerdySB says:

    Depends. Some women are confident enough that they will not mind the stares. There are, of course, those that are oblivious to anything around them…And maybe some others just don’t see the difference…

  2. T says:

    Well…. actually no. I am not embarrassed, probably the young SB’s who are not as confident to be seen in public. Whether they are of an a distinguished stature or not.

  3. Ayree says:

    It is embarrassing sometimes… I mostly wonder what it is they’re thinking… It makes you vulnerable, I guess… It’s as if they can see exactly what’s going on… Sometimes, I like to make up scenarios in my head as to why this completely opposite, and older man is with me: perhaps he’s a professor, I’m having coffee with, while discussing some sort of research… Maybe a grandfather to my father, who adopted me…

  4. Hmm, professor. OK. But the body language and the way two people interact in a non platonic way, the gaze, flirtation ect, will give everything away

  5. MissLunah says:

    Ok … I have to say that I am from European country where age of consent is 15… and so I have always dated older men for no other reason than the fact that I was attracted to them. It made them feel extremely nervous, and it was usually me trying to calm them down. On one occasion I remember one of my dates was trying to stroke my thigh as I was sitting next to him, but his hands were shaking so much he couldn’t… I found that as the most flattering thing ever… I love older men because they know how to make a girl … woman feel good… feel feminine and sensual… A younger man has never touched me the way older gentlemen would…with passion, appreciation and confidence… that empowers a woman… so what’s not to love… :)

  6. Very well said Miss Lunah, spot on

  7. The age differences I have had in my sugar relationships have been HUGE. I actually prefer my SDs to be at least 45 in age. Just last evening, I went out with a SD who is 43 years older than I am. I know the wait staff found it interesting and amusing since they kept sending over different waitresses and waiters… I find nothing wrong with age differences, nor am I embarrassed of them. After all, age doesn’t define who a person is!

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