20 year old College SB after sex: gets more complicated

A few days later, College and I went to the Met, as we both loved museum dates. They tend to be quiet, no one bothers you, you can walk around among the ancient ruins from the comfort of your own backyard, so it’s a good time for everyone.  After walking around for 45 minutes I got a bit tired; I am  a bit flat footed :( so my lower back hurts sometimes when I walk too much. She gave me this little massage but of course with fingers her size I barely felt anything. Still, the touch was nice.  I just gave her a look indicating that the time was ripe.  I asked her to trust me, and we just got up, left, took a taxi to a place I knew and after taking care of the formalities we settled in and just sat at the edge of the bed. I don’t remember for how long,  probably for a minute but it seemed longer.  Since I hate being indecisive I made the first move, somewhat aggressively, and started taking her clothes off one by one. She obliged.  Then she helped me undo my belt.  Not a bad kisser. Actually, she was very good and that was a pleasant surprise since kissing is very important to me. Then she uttered: ‘For an old guy you are pretty hot, I am going to ride the hell out of you’. Two issues:  First, I was not an old guy then, at least I didn’t think so. Secondly I was surprised she liked to ride.  She seemed more of a missionary position type of person.  So I totally misjudged that.  But then again, who would complain at the site of this petite lady riding me?  I certainly had a great time and so did she. And she was very energetic. So it good. Not mind blowing sex, but a good solid B/B+ performance on both our parts.

Incidentally, for many men our mothers raised us to believe that women still are these gentle little creatures. But of course, we all know better don’t we now. It only took someone riding me to appreciate the fact that women are just these wild animals like the rest of us.

In any event, afterwards we were having this great casual discussion like old pals and she said that the next time we should go bowling. Two things to note here: First, I don’t bowl.  I don’t know how, I am sort of clumsy but strong, so I would rather box and get punched than go bowling.  Not my cup of tea.  The second thing I noted was the fact that she mentioned the ‘next time’.  I was glad she did actually because I wanted to see her again.  I was a bit concerned she would take off after she had received enough ‘gifts’ but it seemed that she wanted to hang out a while longer.  That was indeed fine with me, since I liked her and she was a unique experience for a number of reasons.  Up until that time I had only been with one Nubian princess, Diane. Diane was a riot worth a book in itself.  But College was much more mellow, thoughtful etc.  One the way out she said ‘OK Dave, you take care of yourself now’.  The way she said it sounded very final so I really thought that would be the last time I see her. I was disappointed but such is life, especially sugar life. But then  couple of days later she wanted to hang out again so we did.  I was really starting to like her.

For me, many relationships, sugar or otherwise, fall in different types of categories.  You have the mind blowing lovers: the type that you lay your eyes on them and you just want to devour each other. No words need to be exchanged. I think everyone has had those types of relationships at some point in their lives.  And then there are the types, like Sugar, that have some intriguing qualities that make you hang around.  In my case, I spent a good part of my twenties and early thirties in one or two night stands, and usually with women just a couple of years younger up to 15 years older than me.  So at the age of twenty, she was among the youngest ones I had dated.  And I was noticing that around her I was behaving a bit differently.  Was I in love? Not at all. I know exactly was falling in love is (having been there a couple of times) and this was not it.  Was I infatuated? No. At least not yet.  I know that feeling very well too, and am pretty good in controlling it.  Was it lust? No, even though I liked sleeping with her.  I was in ‘like’. I just wanted to learn more about her, and she even crossed my mind during the day at work.  It was all very interesting.  Over time as it turned out, many gray areas were being crossed, from my side as well as hers.  The allowance didn’t matter anymore we just wanted to see each other.  Once, she didn’t even accept the money I offered her.  She said ‘You gave me money last time, it’s ok hun’.  After some time we became so familiar with each other we would even get into some fights.  She would call me ‘You cold son of a @#$%!’.  By the way, I am anything but a cold guy.  Quite passionate actually so I have no idea why she would call me that.  I would come back with a ‘You spoiled little moron!’.  But it was all in good humour.  And this went on for many months. It was my second sugar relationship. 

Now at the same time, to balance things out a bit, I was also seeing my ‘friend’ from the lower east side. With her there were different types of outrageous discussions.  Like the one that went: ‘Dave, I am a horny girl. Can you give me a show? I want to see you play with yourself’.  ‘Are you serious?’ ‘Yeeees I am, why?’.   Awkward, but I obliged.  But seeing two women at the same time always has its own drawbacks.  In this case I could not remember which of the two liked her nipples squeezed during sex.

I have to admit that I have been very lucky and blessed, throughout my sugar as well as my real life, to have met so many nice ladies and have had many great relationships.  I just wish some lasted a bit longer and I would get to learn more about them.  And I also wish some were still going on.   In my twenties I used to date 40 year old women. I still think about them sometimes, and they are now in their sixties.  So I can’t help but think if any of these young ladies I have known would ever think of me 10 years from now.  And what would happen if I ran into them by luck, 10 or 20 years from now, with some gray hair of their own, with their husbands, kids, or business associates.  We would probably just walk by each other with just a knowing look on our face.  I would turn around as they walked by and would likely think:  Interesting how they look now, very interesting…

Maybe I should help myslef to a little 20 year old McAllan

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3 Responses to 20 year old College SB after sex: gets more complicated

  1. Ayree says:

    I love reading your blog… Its wonderful to get to know how the other end thinks… I always find myself wondering how I can be in your sugar life though…

  2. Specialty sugar baby says:

    OMG “college sugar baby” “college sugar baby” it’s time for you to get back in the game. Let’s find someone smart, edgy, sexy, and provocative for you (and no not just sexually provocative) someone once told me….”I always thought I wanted someone to fuck my body till I met you. Then I realized what I wanted was someone to fuck my mind” I gave him a girlish giggle kissed him on the cheek and went home…xoxoxo

  3. well, i am trying to stay retired….

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