Sugar Baby trip to Vegas

‘For my birthday I want an Android. Oh wait, no, I want to go to Vegas with you. ‘

‘But an Android is so much more useful than a one time trip.  Why would you want to go there anyway?’

‘Well, because  I’ve been dying to go there, never been there, and really wanted to get away from home and relax for a few days.’  Her pleading sounded so sincere, like that of someone who had just had enough, so my heart bled.  I am a bleeding heart kinda guy anyway, so that did it.

‘Ok then, have it your way.  I will pay for your trip but regrettably will not be able to join you, after all how can I justify the trip to my better half?’

I would love to have gone on a trip with this particular barely 25 year old with great sorta long hair, statuesque. But Vegas? it wasn’t even London or any of the other regular business places a finance guy would have gone.  I still remember running my hand through her hair, it smelled so sweet and her neck was smooth and white..

Anyways, maybe next time. I hope she had a good time.  If I were to travel with her, or with any SB for that matter I would book separate rooms though. I love privacy, plus its better if everyone has their own space.

On a couple of occasions I flew a New York SB to my place in Houston (I was living alone there for a while) and she stayed with me.  Slept in the same bed for days etc.  After the first day, that novelty wore off and I felt a bit cramped.  None of that was her fault obviously but I guess I was being picky. Did she sense that? On the third day she claimed she could not sleep, and she took the couch so as not to disturb me during the night.  What a sweetie. 

Weird blog post. It started with a trip to Vegas for an SB and then another trip with another ‘friend’ came to mind.  The mind is a strange thing indeed.

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