My perfect sugar baby arrangement

  A young, beautiful and smart girl meets a mature man that is financially secure, ambitious, willing to mentor and pamper the right person. They both have needs that are not satisfied. The young lady is struggling to make ends meet, doesn’t want to ask her parents for money anymore, needs some help with rent or bills or car payments and needs some life and career advice. The man is looking for fun, adventure, thrill, and, yes: being at the center of someone’s attention every now and then. He invites her for drinks, she accepts. They talk, have a connection, realize they can build a relationship based on honesty, friendship and mutual respect. They also realize they have the means to make each other happy and think about a mutual beneficial arrangement. This would be a drama free, easy going and laid back liaison. They talk honestly about what they expect from each other, so there won’t be any misunderstandings or bad surprises and they agree. From this point on, they just meet, have fun, enjoy each other and make the best out of this relationship.  And when it is all done, and it is time to part as friends they just move on. The relationship still lives in their memories and has a special place in their mind, even long time after it ended.

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7 Responses to My perfect sugar baby arrangement

  1. Kennedy says:

    This is absolutely possible, I had it with Mr. DB9

  2. Meeshee says:

    Sounds ideal. Does anyone ever get hurt?

  3. Sugar Daddy David says:

    @Meeshee: in theory no one should get hurt as it is all NSA. But in reality someone or both the SD and SB could get dissapointed. I had several longer term relations (5 months +) and in those cases it was never easy to part. But, for those SDs that are married, what other choice do we really have?

  4. cleo says:

    that sounds so wonderful, i come close to that but never get there. often the men get cold feet or disappear but just as often they lack manners or simple courtesy and i just can’t put up with it. i respect myself and will be treated with respect, without something so simple how can mutual appreciation really grow?

    i understand that sugar dating is a little different than traditional dating and i’m all for it. the clarity and simplicity are wonderful, but too many men try to treat sb’s like low class trash which is SO silly because the very best sugar babies are classy, smart women who happen to like established men and enjoy sharing time with and being spoiled by said men (and hopefully love indoor sports.)

    it’s not your face that will get me hot for you, it’s your attitude and the way you treat me that will both get and keep my attention. looks are easy, personality now, that’s worth seeking… and i can’t imagine that it’s really very different for men than women even though they are far more visual than we are.

    can she ever be beautiful enough to make up for a vapid or nasty personality?

  5. Sugar Daddy David says:

    @Cleo: you are correct, if she has a nasty personality she will never have my undivided attention. Personality matters as much looks. Looks are important since we are visual, but you obviously need something to back it up, otherwise it can’t last too long. The best type of affair, it the SB that graduate to being a true mistres in the European sence of the word. I was lucky enough to experience that a couple of times

  6. cleo says:

    yes, that’s exactly what i want… exactly. european style mister :)

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