Is sugar daddy/baby just money for sex?

No it is definitely not.  But the very young, attractive lady I recently met thought so.  We only had one date, but I guess she was just not comfortable with the whole concept.  At first she though she could do it, but then she texted the message ‘hey this is just money for sex, not what i had in mind’.  So I responded, that it is not just money for sex, and that we just  started to get to know each other.  If she gave it a chance she will see that it is definitely more than just money for sex. That doesn’t even begin to describe a ‘mutually beneficial’ NSA relationship.   But she wouldn’t have it. She just went incommunicado for the past few days.  Very young, and very impatient, didn’t even bother to have a personal conversation or listen to the voice of reason.  One more reason to hang out with the 25+ crowd, I guess, unless someone wants to persuade me otherwise…

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  1. Kennedy says:

    That seems a bit silly…how unfortunate for her.

  2. Kalei says:

    I’m new to this whole concept; however, I’m much more patient and open to just about anything. I do have my limits like anyone else would. Also I’m under 25 I’m only 23.

    • Sugar Daddy David says:

      So Kalei, what are your limits then? just curious. send me an email if not confortable on blog. i am doing a ‘survey’ on limits actually. could be the subject of another blog

  3. Chloe Babý says:

    I haven’t read your whole blog yet, but if you entered her panties before knowing much about her then I can understand why she would feel like that. Why not take her to dinner, hit the beach, hit the city, and then discuss sex, money, gifts and things like that. Unless if you test drive women then I can understand why your’re not on the same page with her.

  4. Sugar Daddy David says:

    Hey Chloe Baby: I definitely took my time with her. We went on a couple of dates first before sex, and she even made the comment ‘Hey you don’t make me feel like dirt at all, you are actually nice, better than most SD I have met so far’. I think that due to her youth, 20 years old, she probably had a change of heart. Quite understandable I guess

  5. Courtney says:

    I am considering having a sugar daddy relationship and I have our first meeting next week.. I was wondering why married men want sugar babies in the first place? Just for something different? Also, along with what you said about the text she sent you, if you are married, then what exactly more is it than sex and money?

  6. Sugar Daddy David says:

    @Courtney: Married men want sugar babies for many different reasons. Some could be stuck in a sexless marriage (not me though). Others just like to spice up things every now and then, and while the bonds of amrriage are still sacred i..e they dont plan to divorce, they do have certain need they want to take care of. These needs could be sexual, or, more ofthen than not, just spending a little bit of time with someone new (that’s my case).
    Good luck in you sugar search. Let me know how it turns out!

  7. Niki says:

    Well I am a married woman in a sexless marriage. I am married to a much older man, but he has NO sex drive. I am 26 and very attractive. I live in NY. I have to say I have tested the waters, and all the SD’s seem to be phony. Maybe I just don’t know how to have the talk. I have had a couple dinners at Daniel (one where the guy was out of place) but I would love your feedback from a real SD on how/when to have the “talk” or how to tell if someone is genuine. If I wanted to be an escort I would be. I want to spice up my life as well as someone else’s, and the perks are nice. With my job I can come and go as I please no questions asked so I truly am the perfect SB. Providing someone likes my type

  8. stoneyp says:

    I am considering doing the sugar baby/sugar daddy relationship arrangement and I want to be able to offer quality time and companionship without feeling like a escort or prostitute. Because I do want people to post me well and I want to be able to set a good impression. Any good advice from both sugar babies/sugar daddies

    • I say, just treat it like any type of dating situation, with a twist. The twist is the ‘gifts’, but I say just try to meet people you wouldn’t have met otherwise, and have fun. Just remember that most of the time it’s NSA

  9. Ava Williams says:

    Is it possible for a relationship with a sugar daddy to not be romantic. Maybe just friendly? Is that common thing?

    • I don’t think it’s that common
      Sugar dating is supposedly ‘mutually beneficial’. So in fairness, what are the benefits that a sugar daddy/sugar momma would receive in exchange for providing for their sugar baby?

  10. Kylie says:

    I’m 27 single mom of 2 just looking to get ahead in life a little. I’ve been thinking about trying this sugar baby thing out however I’m not really looking to sleep with anyone. Am I looking in the wrong place?

    • There exist just platonic type of relationships as well. However in the majority of relationships there is sex involved
      It really depends who you meet and what they are looking for.
      Let us know how it goes

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