Finding a sugar momma

I have to get my head on straight and get a sugar momma, before I get too old. And more importantly, before any potential sugar mommas get too old as well.
Imagine: In my 40’s looking for a sugar momma? What do I tell them? Should I lie and just say I need help with the rent? Nope. Should I say,uhh, well it’s a fantasy I always wanted to play out? No. Maybe I should just say I am looking for an older women 45+ to accompany to the theater, black tie social functions, and museums. That may work.
An old SB friend of mine joked with me when I told her, and said they may ask me to brush their hair for them. Here is a scary scenario: what if they send their limo to pick me up and bring me to their nursing home? And worse yet, what if they are one of those older ladies that have blue hair? Aaarrrgh, I decided I am going to bite the bullet and go through with this. I will put an ad on Craigs. My ads usually bear lots of fruits, so let’s see what happens.

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8 Responses to Finding a sugar momma

  1. SD Guru says:

    Good luck with your experiment! There aren't that many sugar momma's around, but maybe it's different in NYC.

  2. David says:

    @Guru: will do my best. 65 years old is my limit though.

  3. Anny Sugar says:

    Agreed with Guru,theres only ONE sugar mama in van Oon SA. lmao and best wishes on your searches!

  4. Southern Belle Sugar Baby says:

    Did I miss something??

  5. David says:

    @Southern: nah didn't miss much. Just me ramblin about wanting a sugar momma before I get too old.
    I want to experience what it is to be at the other side of the table

  6. xoxo says:

    You do seem genuinely sweet and caring and I hope you find a sugar momma some day. And I would just be honest with her and if it is a fantasy, tell her. If she’s open to being a sugar momma, then she’s probably going to be pretty open-minded anyway. One day when I’m successful I wouldn’t mind helping out other people in a similar way, whether it’s with money or mentoring. No one got to where they are without any help so I think it’s important to give back. I’m not an SB but do enjoy reading your blog and others like it as it’s very interesting. I’ve been reading through all the past posts and will keep going because I want to see how things turn out for you! :)

  7. Marie Sugar says:

    Hmm.. What if your sugar momma par-say…. was younger? :)

  8. @Marie: if she were younger, all the better!

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