Looks like good old CL bowed to pressures and has removed the ‘adult services’ section. Why do I care? After all, its been ages since I last ventured in that section of CL.
What it means for the sugar ‘business’ is that now, in the NSA / sugar / casual encounter section you will probably see professional escorts masquerading as sugar babies. Hence, there goes the neighborhood! Which means that if I were not retired I would have to go through the extra screening process to make sure someone is not an escort. Don’t get me wrong, nothing against escorts, its just that I would not be looking for one at this point in time. However many escort, the savvy professionals that they are are actually pretty in good in masquerading. It would probably have to come down to the old kissing screening to see what they really are, as most escorts don’t really kiss. Met some that do, but most, to my knowledge, really don’t. Oh well, one more thing to worry about, when and if I come out of sugar retirement.

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