Here I am in a hotel on Manhattan’s west side, sitting on the bed across from a blond with a great set of eyes. I met her at Shaan, a fancy Indian restaurant (that has turned into a steakhouse: just what NYC needs, another steakhouse!). We are talking and obviously we both know why we are there, she is divorced and misses sexual activity, and I am the convenient stranger with which to engage.
David: Janice are you feeling ok?
Janice: Yes David. But I am with a strange man, in a dark hotel room. Not sure how comfortable I am with the situation.
D: How can I help?
J: I think that $300 is a fair exchange.
D: OK!
J: Let me make myself a bit more comfortable.
And with that, she goes to the bathroom and swithes into this nice little nite gown. Very sexy indeed. And its amazing that $300 was able to get her past the fact she had just met me an hour ago over Indian food and Taj Mahal beers!

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