My name is David Montrose. I am a married man, for some time now. I consider myself succesful and handsome, great family etc. However, there was a point in my life when I thought something was missing.

That something was the companionship of a woman, and all the excitement that comes with that.
I wouldn’t call this a middle age crisis because I am definitely not middle aged. I was always very sexual, but when my marriage moved into the parenthood phase something changed. I am sure many couples go through this. I wanted to experience, once again, the flirtations and adrenaline that come with being with a new woman.

So I set out to meet some of them. I put ads on the internet because I figured that’s the easiest and more direct way to meet people. I am a business person so I value efficiency :)

These posts will highlight some of the experiences I went through. I find it cleansing, entertaining, and, if anyone reads it, hopefully they can share and sympathize with some of the experiences I will be describing. The names of the people I met are of course changed to protect their privacy. I also changed locations and names of bars, hotels, restaurants where we used to meet.

The events in this account take place, chronologically, from the late 1990’s up to mid 2006. On and off this blog will follow the trail of my little adventure as a ‘generous older gentleman’.

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